How Do I Access the Resident Portal?

The Blue Rim Networks resident portal is used to sign into your account. It allows you to manage your devices, billing information, and select or cancel usage plans. If you are connected to the Blue Rim network at your community, you can access the resident portal through any standard web browser by going to

  1. Connect to the Blue Rim network in your community.

To access the Resident Portal, you must be connected to the Blue Rim network. At most communities, you can do this by connecting to the WiFi provided by us. NOTE: The password to connect to the WiFi network will be provided to you by your community manager and is separate from your Blue Rim account password.

  1. Open an internet browser (Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) and type in the address bar.

  1. You will automatically be redirected to the correct portal for your community.


If you are unable to find your community's portal you can ask the office staff at your community or contact Blue Rim Networks for more information.

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