Cancel Service

Important: You will need to cancel your account within the first five (5) days of your billing cycle. If you cancel outside of that timeframe, you will be billed for the entire billing period. Please note: The images provided in this step by step instruction are for reference only. There may be slight differences in the wording or placement of the images shown here and the ones that are on your property's customer portal.


Make sure you are connected to the Blue Rim network in your building. Once you are connected, open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.).

Go to your community’s resident portal ( and sign into your account using your username and password.



Click on “Plans”.


 Find the usage plan labelled “Cancel” and click the “Change Plan” button.

Cancel_Plan_Buttons.png Confirm that you wish to terminate your service by clicking “Continue”.


Please Note: Once you click “Continue” your service will be terminated immediately.


Your service is now canceled.

If you’re unable to access the portal because you have already moved, please reach out to Blue Rim Networks Customer Support and they will assist in cancelling your account. 

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