How To Manage Devices

Please note: The images provided in this step by step instruction are for reference only.  


Adding a Device - Steps - Video

After connecting to the BlueRim network in your building, open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) and visit your properties BlueRim portal ( You may need to sign in using the account information you setup.

Devices allowing you to log in automatically to the BlueRim Network (i.e. most laptops, Ipad’s or even smart phones) will automatically upload their MAC addresses to your account. Logging in will registered your device to your account. For these devices, there is nothing for you to do.

If you need help locating your device MAC address, please see the sections below. If your device is not listed and you are having issues finding your MAC address, try finding steps specific steps on Google or other help sites. You will want to utilize the brand name and model number. If you are still unable to find the MAC address, please consult with the manufacturer to aid you in locating the required information.

For help on how to find your MAC address, click here.

If you are adding a different device which does not allow a login (i.e. smart TV’s, gaming consoles or other device), please continue with the steps below. You will need your device MAC address in order to complete these steps.

If you are adding your device to a DMZ or ‘Public IP’ please follow the steps at the bottom, labeled ‘DMZ device configuration.’


Steps to add a device:

1. At the home page, select the ‘Devices’ tab:



2. Enter the MAC address in the space provided and choose the ‘Add’ option



Your device has now been added to your account. At this point the device is given permission to access the network via your account. You may need to reset your device in order for the authentication to update.


DMZ Device Configuration (Portal):

After adding your device, a list will populate with MAC address, Hostname, Device name and an option to choose ‘DMZ.’ If you have purchased a plan with a public IP or BiNAT, you may choose a device to associate that DMZ with. Be aware only one device can be given the DMZ option at a time.

Be sure to update the device once the DMZ option is selected.


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