How To Use A Coupon Code

Coupon codes are given by the complex management team at the time of move in. If you did not receive the code or misplaced the code, please see the front desk before contacting BlueRim support.

To sign up for service using a coupon, please follow the steps below:

1. Connect to the BlueRim Wi-Fi signal, which will redirect you to the sign up page:

2. At the tabs above, choose 'Usage Plans'

3. In the usage plans, usually near the bottom, an option is available for a 'Coupon Plan'

** Be sure to to 'create an account' from the link in the coupon box **

4. Fill out the requested information. Be sure to accept the 'Terms and Conditions'

5. After submitting the information, the 'Usage Plans' screen will reappear. This time a box for the coupon code will appear.

6. Enter your coupon code and submit

7. If entered correctly, a summary page will detail the service included with the coupon

8. After pressing 'Continue' a confirmation page will appear granting access to the network


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