About NAT and Gaming Devices

NAT stands for Network Address Translation and is a fundamental part of computer networking. In the most basic sense, NAT allows for the routing of internet traffic through a network. Our system, like most other large networks, uses NAT to route traffic from the internet to all of your devices.

Gaming systems categorize NAT with three varying levels: Type 3 or Strict, Type 2 or Moderate, and Type 1 or Open.

Gaming consoles will sometimes run into NAT issues when attempting to use online services such as XBOX Live or PSN. You may do a network test on your gaming device and it should tell you that you have a Strict or Type 3 NAT. This sometimes causes issues with online services such as voice chat and matchmaking when performing peer-to-peer gaming.

This is due to the way that companies such as Microsoft and Sony have set up their gaming devices to connect to other gaming devices. A device with an Open NAT can connect to Open, Moderate, and Strict NAT types; a device with a Moderate NAT can connect to Moderate, and Open NAT types; and a device with a Strict NAT type can only connect to devices with an Open NAT type.

By default, when you add your gaming device to your account, your device may receive NAT Type 3 errors when you try to use online gaming services. However, changing to NAT Type 2 removes most of the problems you will encounter and we would be happy to help you get your gaming device to the correct NAT type.


To fix this, our system offers a Dynamic BiNAT. This takes one of our Public IP addresses and sets up a one-to-one translation to your console device that opens it's NAT type. Costs for renting one of these addresses varies by location. 

In order to get NAT Type 2 on your gaming device:

Please find the MAC address of your gaming device (for help finding a MAC address, click here)

Purchase a plan with a dynamic BiNAT (availability may vary). 

Then go to the customer portal and sign in to your account.


Under the Devices tab, you can expand each device on your account. In the device configuration, you can add the DMZ to the device you wish to have the Public IP where it says Add.


If you notice that the NAT type does not open up after doing this, first try to restart your device, then if the problem persists please call in to our support team.

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