About NAT and gaming devices

NAT stands for Network Address Translation and is a fundamental of part computer networking. In the most basic sense, NAT allows for the routing of internet traffic through a network, and our system, like most other large networks, uses NAT to route traffic from the internet to all of your devices.

Gaming systems often categorize three different levels of NAT: Type 3 or Strict, Type 2 or Moderate, and Type 1 or Open.

Game consoles will sometimes run into NAT issues when attempting to use online services such as XBOX Live or PSN. You may do a network test on your gaming device and it might tell you that you have a strict or Type 3 NAT. This sometimes causes issues with online services such as voice chat and matchmaking when performing peer-to-peer gaming.

This is due to the way that companies such as Microsoft and Sony have set up their gaming devices to connect to other gaming devices. A device with an open NAT can connect to open, moderate, and strict NAT types; a device with a moderate NAT can connect to moderate, and open NAT types; and a device with a strict NAT type can only connect to devices with an open NAT type.

By default, when you add your gaming device to your account, your device may receive NAT Type 3 errors when you try to use online gaming services. However, changing to NAT Type 2 removes most of the problems you will encounter and we would be happy to help you get your gaming device the right NAT type.

In order to get NAT Type 2 on your gaming device:

Please find the MAC address of your gaming device (for help finding a MAC address, click here)
Purchase a plan with a public IP address (availability varies). You can then create a bidirectional NAT between your gaming device and your public IP, which will put your NAT Type to 2.

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