Echo Dot (Alexa)

Setting up an Amazon Echo Dot is actually pretty simple. Below are screenshots of the setup process we used to get it connected to the WiFi, as well as how to find it's MAC address so you can add it to your BlueRim account.

  1. First, plug in your Echo Dot and wait for it to power on. Alexa will let you know when it is ready to set up. 

  2. You will need the Alexa app to complete the set up. Download the app from your phone's app store for free, or you can also set it up on a computer at

  3. After you sign in to the Alexa App, we are ready to begin setting up the Alexa.

  4. This will be the main screen. In the top left corner is the options icon; 3 horizontal lines with the bottom line being only half the length

  5. Select Add Device

  6. There will be a few screens that will ask you which device specifically you are setting up, as well as if you want it to access your location. In this example, we are setting up the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

  7. Next, we need to go to your WiFi settings and you are going to look for the Amazon-_ _ _ WiFi network. This will connect you directly to the Amazon Echo to help set it up.
  8. It will look something like this:
  9. Return to the Alexa App to continue the set up process. This will take you to where you can sign into a particular WiFi network.

  10. BEFORE YOU CONNECT TO A WIFI NETWORK: Scroll to the absolute bottom of this list, and you will find the MAC address for your Echo
    Make a note of this MAC address so you can add it directly to your account, or so you can give it to a BlueRim Technical Service representative to add it to your account. 

  11. After this, you can continue to sign in to the WiFi network of your choice. The rest of the set up process details how to use the Echo Dot and other steps to set up sound options and group options in case you have more than one Dot. 

    Enjoy the Alexa!





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